Keith Bender

Full Stack Developer
Currently for Real Synch

Real Synch


Real Synch represents a fundamentally different way of entering data. Founded by experts in Residential Real Estate and Integration specialists, Real Synch is the only platform designed from the ground up especially for Residential Real Estate brokers. We focus exclusively on the tools and systems that you use. We then build in the type of filters and Smart Synch capabilities that no other generic platform can offer.

In essence, Real Synch intergrates two different web apps albeit through webhooks or a polling server. It aim's to simplify Real Estate Agent's workflow by allowing them to set up an intergration with two different apps and forget it. It speeds up their workflow, and allows them to get even more leads.

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Face Recognition

Recognizes faces in images. Built with React and uses Clarafi API.

Facerecognition GitHub

Khalid's Personal Site

Personal site that I built for my friend showcasing his experience, education and community involvement

Khalid's Portfolio

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Hi, I'm Keith, a Full Stack Developer currently working remote for Real Synch

As a developer, and even in my day-to-day life, I strive for efficiency. But, in the reality of today's online world, being fast and responsive just doesn't cut it. Being effective today requires a keen balance between optimization and aesthetics.

My love for programming started around late 2013. I started tinkering with the video game development purely out of curiosity, and to my surprise, I really enjoyed the challenge and creative process that came along with C++ development. Over the years, I went onto work with some wonderful people, who would go onto become amazing friends and mentors. As time progressed, and my interest in making video games started to spiral downwards, I began looking for another platform to mirror my creative desires. I had messed around with some web-based ideas before, but I had never fully immersed myself into the space - and man am I glad that I did. The switch to web was daunting at first, but as I stuck with it, my love for the space grew - and I know now that it is where I belong. Other than programming, over the years, I've also come to love watching sports, cook, and casually play some games.